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best air rifle for rats

hello! recently went ratting for the first time on a farm near me, and found my dad's old "original model 35" a bit cumbersum and weighty! what would be a better weapon? also does anyone know anyone near me where i can send my rifle for refurb?

many thanks


what`s a better rifle for ratting??? how long is a piece of string

what`s your buget
do you want a PCP, or a springer, or a co2 weapon
what distances are you shooting over
indoors or out doors

if you are shooting indoors (chicken sheds, machinery sheds) maybe a top of the range new gun would be a waste and you would worry about scratching it.

if you are shooting over say 20 yards indoors and want a cheap & easy to use gun i dont think you could do worse than a QB78 or a good second-hand BSA lightning

if you are shooting out to 30 yards then maybe a Falcon FN19 (pcp) or a BSA spitfire (pcp)

if money is no object then any of the top brand air-guns will do the business

the guns i have mentioned above are all smaller but will still deliver enough ompph! to kill a rat at those distances if you do your bit with a well placed shot in the head.

i have a nasty old chinese B45 pump up that i can use in sheds ect , it cost me all of 40 so i dont have to worry about it getting dirty & marked.

i also have a slightly modded Crosman king ratcatcher which is very handy when i am in small and cramped places

when i need a bit more accuracy because of the extra distance (30 yards max for me) i use an Air arms S200 and it has never failed to do the business.

as for caliber !! i have used all four calibers against rats .
.177 no problem, dont let people put you off
.20 ditto
.22 ditto
.25 oh yes but hard to use

i hope that this may be of some help to you, these are only my personal opinions, but i have been ratting a long time with air-guns and it`s worked for me.

thanks very much, i had been looking at the crosman's as iwas intrigued by the magazine on some models, my rifle has no problem taking out a rat at distance, its in barns etc when you suddenly have many fast moving targets where its length and weight let it down.

the Crosmans with the magazines are not really suitable as they dont have the ompphh to ensure a clean kill.
they are more along the lines of a fun-gun for killing tin cans

do you know of any other multi shots which could be of use? By the way bought some eley wasps 5.6mm the other day and i must the difference in my old rifle were amazing!!!
Graham The Builder

Eley wasp must be the most popular pellet in history. There seems to be a lot of foreign pellets on the market but at least you know that wasp does the business - and rats don't like it up 'em you know. Wink  Laughing

any ideas on good local shops to buy rifles or any idea on a gunsmith to take mine to Graham?
snap cap

Eley Wasps are one of the worst pellets money can buy. a truly terrible pellet!

AA Diablo Field is the pellet I swear by.

For rats I'd go for a flat head "WADCUTTER" or a hollow point.

Crossman Ratcatcher is a very good gun for rats, but a BSA Hornet or Super10 would be my choice.

This is maybe a question Pepperami can help with, any other suggestions are very welcome.

I took a webley exocet spriger down to the in-laws to do a bit of squirrel bashing and left it there for the FIL to have a go.  He's had a couple of squirrels last week and thinks it's time he had his own gun.  Now he does like the nicer things in life and loves gadgets so even though it would be more than he requires for the job in hand, he really, REALLY likes the sound of a multi shot PCP.  Now I'm not one to deter him as I'd really like to be able to have a play with it when I visit.

I don't really know a deal about PCP's so any advice or suggestions would be welcome, I trust you guys more than the online revies, so if you'll pardon the pun, fire away. I have read (and was pleased to see that pep has one) that the S200's are good guns and I also believe you can get a conversion to multi shot but that's where my knowledge ends.


Hmmm!! where to start??

well any of the swedish/english Axsor rifles are all very good ie Webley Axsor, Logun Axsor,
BSA Super-tens are fairly good.
MK1 rapid sevens have a good reputation.

two friends of mine have both had the magazine conversion for thier s200`s and had a few problems with them, but maybe they were just unlucky??

the AA410 will be hard to beat and is well proven

the pcp multi-shot that seems to be doing the business at the moment and has a very good reputation is the HW 100.

i have had a few goes with one and i can say that i was very impressed.
with the HW silencer on it, it really was almost silent.
it was so smooth to shoot.
it was very smooth to cycle.

if money was no problem and i was looking for a multi-shot pcp, that would be high on my list of choices.

if i was on a tighter buget i would look around for a tidy second-hand Axsor.

these are only my opinions but i hope they help  Smile

Thanks Pep, I'll do some reading.

Cheers mate.

Jonty? I've recently acquired an AA S200 & I think it's an amazing rifle! With a bit of zeroing I'm managing 10-pence sized groups at arond 25-30 yards, & I reckon it could get even better from a dead rest!

Next plan is a multi-shot conversion (aound 60).

I've got very limited experience with air-rifles, but even I can see that this one's a good bit of kit. I'd definately recommend one on the basis of my own experience with it Very Happy

And it's a looker too!.................


Funny that Q, after leaving my springer down at the in-laws, the FIL has actually opted for that very rifle.

I have always advised a Weihrauch 97 or 80 as spring options; and any of the better branded PCP's.

That said, th Original you used is a great air rifle; if its a bit tired and old a refurb with seals and spring and one or two other bits could cost you anything from 50-100 depending what you get done and will be a beast of a rifle.

Its true, they really don't make them like they used to!

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